Costume ideas for Halloween, both timely and simple

I consider myself a creative person, but I have one particular blindspot that recurs every year: What to wear for Halloween. Of course, in the gay community “slutty [insert profession]” is tried-and-true, as are nearly-naked looks and skimpy or skin-tight costumes, store bought or homemade. If you’re the same, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The Whistleblower. It’s not an election year, but politics are in the air with impeachment on the horizon. Show your civic side with a whistle, adding a mask and/or copy of the constitution. You can even Kathy-Griffin it up with a Trump effigy.

The Joker. Haven’t mastered the art of drag? You don’t need to be good at makeup to smear white pancake all over your face, tint your hair green, slap on a creepy smile and laugh like a hyena to creep out trick-or-treaters. If you have better makeup skills, you can still go full-on sociopath clown as Pennywise.

Skeleton. Easy and sexy, a pair of neon skeleton leggings from Kapow Meggings will help you stand out while showing of a little of the meat on your bones.

— Arnold Wayne Jones