Theatre Three’s design rendering for its new entryway. (Courtesy T3)

Don’t freak out from the headline – Theatre Three isn’t going anywhere. As renovations occur at the theater (and the Quadrangle), T3’s front door will now face outward giving a new Laclede Street address. And with the renovations, the lobby remodel will provide more visibility to the theater and offer upgraded wheelchair accessibility to the Norma Young Arena Stage, the theater’s primary performance space.

The lobby remodel was gifted to the theater by Stream Realty Partners.

“Since 1969 – decades before Uptown boomed as a commercial district – Theatre Three has been a fixture at The Quadrangle,” managing director and Stream Realty partner Ramsey March said in a press release. “Great urban environments feature a diversity of healthy cultural institutions, and especially innovative live theater. Corresponding with the launch of our 350,000 square foot mixed-use development of The QUAD, Stream is pleased to make a significant investment in the future of Theatre Three, which we hope will usher in a new era of appreciation for the arts in the Uptown neighborhood.”

With its added visibility, the theater will now have handicap parking at the front doors and additional restrooms on its main floor. The new lobby will have 2,000 sq. ft. of space for the box office, seating, restrooms and even a small gallery space.

“This is truly a remarkable gift from Stream Realty and hopefully the beginning of a new era of corporate support for the arts in Dallas,” T3 executive director Charlie Beavers mentioned. “This is more than just brick and mortar, the increased visibility in a highly trafficked and pedestrian neighborhood is invaluable. “

T3’s recent shows have been held across different venues in the Dallas area. This summer, The Music Man played across three different spaces while last month’s Little Shop of Horrors was held in repertory with Shakespeare Dallas at Samuel-Grand Park. The theater will resume the “59 ½th Season” and full programming in its new, old home with the world premiere of Stede Bonnet: A F*cking Pirate Musical set to open April 7. The theater’s next show, Maytag Virgin, will open Jan. 27 at Bryant Hall on the Kalita Humphreys campus.

The theater’s new address will be 2688 Laclede St., Suite 120, Dallas, Texas 75201.

– Rich Lopez