In support of its mission of improving health and wellness in the LGBTQ community, Texas Women’s Foundation awarded Resource Center a $30,000 grant. For the third year in a row, the money will be used to further expand the Center’s Gender-affirming Health Program and provide safe and affordable health screenings, HIV and STI testing and hormone replacement therapy for transgender women in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

“Texas Women’s Foundation is proud to support Resource Center’s Gender-affirming Health Program” said ­Roslyn Dawson Thompson, president and CEO of Texas Women’s Foundation. “We have great respect and admiration for Resource Center’s extensive service to the LGBTQ community, which in fact benefits the entire community. Our two organizations share a deep commitment to inclusion and to supporting safe and healthy environments for all to thrive.”

For many transgender people in Texas, access to safe, affordable, and nonjudgmental treatment to medically transition can be a struggle. Resource Center’s Gender-affirming Health Program takes the gender-specific needs and differences of transgender women into consideration.

More than 125,350 transgender people live in the state of Texas. In 2019, the Center’s Transgender Health Program served 152 women.

Texas Women’s Foundation, formerly Dallas Women’s Foundation, advocates for and advances economic security for Texas women, girls and families, and ensures women and girls are enabled and supported in taking leadership roles in every sector in the state. With more than $35 million in assets, TWF raises approximately $8 million a year to underwrite groundbreaking statewide research on issues affecting women and girls — providing decision-makers and lawmakers with critical data to inform policies, practices and programs in the state. Funds also sustain the Foundation’s $5 million in annual grants, mission-focused gendered asset investments and support for initiative programs and solutions to help Texas women and girls thrive.

David Taffet