Birds of a feather: Congresswoman Mary Miller of Illinois and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado, both right-wing Republicans, at a Trump rally in Illinois over the weekend.

Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller from Illinois caused an uproar Saturday night, June 25, when she said the quiet part about Roe v. Wade being overturned during a rally with Donald Trump.

“President Trump, on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday,” Miller declared, leading the crowd in a round of applause for Trump, who was standing behind her grinning.

Miller’s campaign spokesman Isaiah Wartman, of course, jumped in with some plausible deniability, claiming Miller’s statement was just a “mishap” and a “stumble.” Wartman told NPR in an email, “She very clearly meant to say ‘victory for Right to Life’ during her remarks,:” then added, “To suggest that she is somehow not committed to defending all life is disgusting.”

Well, I don’t think anyone would argue that Miller saying “white life” was a “mishap” in that — at least so far — most politicians are not willing to be so public and so blatant with their racism. But I am sure there are plenty willing to argue over what she actually meant.

— Tammye Nash