Indigo Girls, documentary, 2024

The Indigo Girls are the subject of the documentary ‘It’s Only Life After All.’ (Photo by Jeremy Coward)

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On Tuesday, Oscilloscope Laboratories announced a one night only theatrical release of Indigo Girls: It’s Only Life After All, a documentary of the famed lesbian music duo. Alexandria Bombach’s documentary will play in theaters across the country on Wednesday, April 10.

“Festival audiences have embraced and celebrated this story of Amy and Emily, and now we get to bring this film to fans in theaters all over the country,” Bombach said in a press release. “A film about community should be seen in community.”

The film will screen in Dallas at the Texas Theater.

“From our earliest days at Little Five Points Community Pub in Atlanta, the ideal of ‘community’ has informed our music and activism,” Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls added. “We feel blessed to have worked with such a compelling crew of folks, who created a document that reflects the vital part our audience, activists, friends, family, and mentors play in our ongoing creative lives.”

With 40 years of making music, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have made their mark as musicians, songwriters, and activists. Through their tenure in music, the duo have battled misogyny and homophobia. This documentary addresses those issues in conversations with the two while also presenting a tender side with decades of the band’s home movies and intimate present-day verité.

“It is a beautiful documentary that captures the life force of our community. Now our community has an opportunity to see it on the big screen—we are thankful for that,” Saliers added in the release.

For more information, click here. Watch the trailer below:

—Rich Lopez