Walking tour stopped at the Crossroads historical marker at Throckmorton and Cedar Springs. (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)

Robert Emery and Kathy Jack led a group of LGBT and straight men and women on a walking tour of Cedar Springs Road and discussed the LGBTQ history of the street.

Among the stories Emery told was the last bar raid at Village Station that ended with 10 men arrested for dancing.

Attorney Don Maison won the case when he realized during the trial that the arresting officers were lying. Maison asked for a recess, called Caven Enterprises office and had someone rush down a floor plan of the club. From where the arresting officers testified they were standing, they couldn’t possibly have seen the dance floor.

Charges were dismissed and Dallas police stopped raiding the bars on Cedar Springs Road. Until the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision, dancing remained illegal for same-sex couples in Texas.

The walking tour was requested by The Senior Source, which is located at 3910 Harry Hines Blvd. Emery said they want to be more involved in the LGBTQ community, because they are located in Oak Lawn and already have a wonderful relationship with Coalition for Aging LGBT.

The Senior Source has been providing resources for seniors in Dallas since 1961. Emery called it the “go-to resource for everything you need as you age,” and, he said, they are “ready to serve our LGBTQ community.”

Members of the community who have questions can contact The Senior Source at info@theseniorsource.org or call 469-966-8241.

— David Taffet