Candis “Candy” Cave, a long-time DJ and club manager in Dallas’ LGBTQ community died on Thursday, Jan. 25, at the age of 68, at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences hospital following a years-long battle with cancer. She passed with her wife, Connie Mclain, at her side.

Candy worked for many years at several different bars in Dallas, most recently as the manager and DJ at Juggs. She left the bar business over 25 years ago to work for Home Depot and retired from Home Depot in July 2023. Candy and Connie moved to Alexander, Ark., just outside of Little Rock, to be closer to family.

Candy was preceded in death by her parents, Bill and Iola Cave and her only sister, Linda Gustitus. She is survived by her wife of more than 32 years, Connie Mclain; her nephew, Geoff Gustitus and his wife Tamara; Connie’s parents, Polly and Robert Cloud; siblings, Suzy Melvin and Stacy Smart; daughter, Ashley Jones and her husband Daniel; and granddaughters, MacKenzie Long, Riley Long and Kelsey Long. She is also survived by her beloved dog, Bailey, and by a host of friends and coworkers who will all miss her dearly.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Candy Cave’s name to The Humane Society ( or your local ASPCA ( Notice of donations can be sent to Connie Mclain, 3043 Wise Road, Alexander, AR 72002.


Jennell Allyn Jaquays, 67, of Heath, Texas, has passed after battling Guillan-Barré Syndrome for three months. Her wife, Becky, was at her side at the time of her passing. Jennell’s artistic legacy will have a lasting impact on the gaming community.

Jennell spent the last years of her life being unabashedly herself and pursuing her passions: making art, collecting miniatures, adopting feline overlords and, with the help of her wife, searching for the perfect taco.

Art was part of every aspect of her life. She graduated from Spring Arbor University with a Bachelor of Arts. She made major contributions to the D&D and tabletop gaming community with her Caverns of Thracia and Dark Tower campaigns as well as her character design book Central Casting. She spent the last five years of her life working on a complete overhaul of Central Casting that will be published posthumously. In addition to the campaigns, while working for TSR, Jennell painted numerous covers, including her most recognized, Dragons of Krynn Mountain.

Jennell made major contributions to the video game industry, starting in its early days as the director of Game Design for Coleco, then later as a level designer and artist for ID Software, Ensemble Studios, and CCP. She was a co-founder of The Guildhall, a game design program through Southern Methodist University which develops the next generation of level designers, artists and programmers.

As the creative director for the Transgender Human Rights Institute in Seattle, Jennell campaigned for human rights. She was a vocal advocate for the trans and greater LGBTQ community.

Jennell is survived by her wife Rebecca Heineman; brother Bruce Jaquays; sister Jolene Jaquays; her son Zachary Jaquays and his wife Jessica Jaquays; daughter Amanda Jaquays, her stepchildren Maria Heineman, William Heineman and Cynthia Heineman; and four grandchildren who all love her very much.

Arrangements were under the direction of Sparkman/Hillcrest Funeral Home & Hillcrest Mausoleum & Memorial Park.