Oak Lawn United Methodist Church stands on the corner of Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs.

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church senior paster the Rev. Rachel Baughman sent Dallas Voice the message that her church is providing shelter for 100 people per night in coordination with the City of Dallas and other non-profit agencies. Donations can be delivered to the church, which is located on the corner of Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs Road. The parking lot is off Welborn St.

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Dallas County have also asked OLUMC to provide emergency assistance with an influx of approved asylum seekers coming from El Paso. Community help is needed in order to care for those in need throughout this Christmas week.

Here’s how she said the community can help.

What You Can Provide:

•  Meals & Snacks for 100 people per meal. All meals must be already prepared and ready to serve. They can be individually packaged or in bulk to be served cafeteria style. When possible, individual packaging is preferred as it reduces risk of disease-transmission.

•  Financial Assistance. It costs $45 per night to care for the medical, shelter, security, cleaning and clothing assistance necessary to keep our unsheltered neighbors alive when temperatures drop to fatal levels. All donated funds go directly to emergency services.

Making Food & Financial Donations is Easy:

•  Food Donations while you can certainly deliver directly to Oak Lawn United Methodist Church, we can also send volunteers to pick up food from your location. Representative employees from all contributing food service providers will be invited to an end-of-winter banquet to celebrate our unsheltered neighbors and asylum seekers.

•  Financial Assistance Make a donation to sponsor overnight shelter at this site https://olumc.churchcenter.com/giving. Any person or organization that sponsors a full night of shelter ($4,500) will be invited to an end-of-winter banquet to celebrate our unsheltered neighbors and asylum seekers.

What Unsheltered Neighbors & Asylum-Seekers Receive

•  Meals & Medical Services

•  Transportation services to pick up unsheltered neighbors and bring them to our shelter location as well as DART passes at the conclusion of shelter

•  Transportation coordination, helping asylum-seekers make it to their ICE-registered sponsors across the country.

•  Clothing, blankets, cots, pillows & security in a warm environment

•  Translation services

•  Safe overnight shelter for unsheltered neighbors

•  Legal services for asylum seekers

— David Taffet