PrideLife, a new e-commerce store focused on domain names and the first ever LGBT-owned registrar, has delivered its soft launch to coincide with the annual gathering of LGBT-certified businesses at the 2019 National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s International Business & Leadership Conference in Tampa.

PrideLife is now open for business at GetPrideLife.LGBT.

According to a press release announcing the soft launch, PrideLife “aims to disrupt the traditional registrar business, taking a fresh approach to the new crop of domain options and opportunities they can offer. Diversifying the domain name eco-system and making domain identifiers work harder for businesses and organizations is PrideLife’s uncontested and niche focus in the industry.

Afilias, the registry operator of .LGBT, has partnered with PrideLife to promote the first Internet address created specifically for the LGBT community. “The .LGBT namespace is an inclusive space, great for businesses, organizations and other entities that wish to express commitment to and unity with LGBT people. The globally recognized marker is also a strong and welcoming acronym that adds diversity to the Internet,” the press release stated.

“Quality .COM domain names” have become a scarcity, and PrideLife is “focused on the new batch of domains that offer uniqueness, availability and benefits that celebrate and elevate diversity. Diverse domains like .LGBT are able to speak directly to an audience and easily articulate purpose in a memorable way. New marketing initiatives to support .LGBT registrants are in the works, including the .LGBT community hubs designed to drive visibility and awareness.”

The PrideLifer press release notes that there are more than 340 million domain names in use on the Internet, and that annual e-commerce sales reach $3.5 trillion. So, “At a time when diverse suppliers are in high demand and businesses are looking for alternative ways to better connect with their audience, domains with diversity represent the untapped new face of the Internet. Switching to, or adding doorways to your business or organization by way of diverse domain names is a simple and effective way of being in the conversation.”

PrideLife is “a true example of a diverse collaboration in action” having been “brought to life by three LGBT-owned businesses, including SPI Marketing, Alan Emtage and AG2 Digital.” PrideLife founder Scott Seitz has more than 20 years experience “helping brands connect with LGBTQ consumers, and the new registrar business not only highlights the talent of diverse suppliers, but it continues to promote the importance and the value of connecting with diverse populations and projects,” according to the press release.

Seitz said, “We want to help diverse communities like LGBT become more visible. PrideLife will not just sell you space, we will push diversity to the forefront and develop tools that help domain owners grow their organizations and businesses.”