The holidays are a time to shine, and these accessories can certainly help with that. Or, for a more unique type of accessory, one can help you keep in touch with a loved one. But for sure, these items add something special to the sentiment.


KIL NYC Teras Collection (above)
Clash of the titans? More like Splash of the titans. Queer jewelry designer Konstantinos Leoussis turned to mythology for his Teras collection line. Pendants, cuffs and rings depict characters such as Medusa, Chimaera and Harpy for a whole new type of bling. Each piece is made to order, allowing customers to choose their desired metal and options for gemstone accents. Download art.

J Pacetti Precious Jewels
Planning to go above and beyond for a significant other this holiday? Joe Pacetti always has you covered. Pacetti’s reputation for high-quality jewelry is solid, as are these gold cufflink pieces. These will make quite the impression at all future black tie affairs for, like, forever. Cufflinks include 18k Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby paisley motif for $8,500; 18k white gold FC Brio B. Sapphire 15ct TW & Diamond 0.50ct for $22,000 or 18k white gold Sapphire and diamond George Gero cufflinks for $9,500.


Rebus Oxford 55 signet ring
Rebus is the UK’s premier creator of award-winning hand-crafted signet rings. Hand engravers and goldsmiths make each ring to order for a strong personal statement. The Oxford 55 reimagines Rebus’ signature ring with a heavier, wider design featuring a 55-degree face. The single-mined-ore yellow gold is available in 9K, 14K or 18K and can be customized with initials and other options. Download art.

Bond Touch More
This product connects up to four loved ones by sending messages through touch. Haptic tech mimics the sensation of human touch so you know when your loved one is thinking of you. Great for families and polys. The emotional wearable and app enables users to experience customizable pulsed and lit messages, photos, texts and more, even when miles apart. $89.