Every good coffee table needs a couple of great coffee table books. And these two are a perfect fit for those looking for interesting places to visit now that the country is opening back up. Only in America! The Weird and the Wonderful 50 States (Volume 12) ($30), written by Heather Alexander and illustrated by Alan Berry Rhys, is a state-by-state compendium of weird laws, quirks, one-offs and unusual records in the U.S.A. And specifically for the queer traveler, Sassy Planet: A Queer Guide to 40 Cities, Big and Small ($22.49), by David Dodge, Nick Schiarizzi and Harish Bhandari and illustrated by Braulio Amado, offers up the latest hot spots in 40 cities around the world. Amazon.com


After a hard day at work, G.I. Jen knows how to relax — with a good read and a warm cup of joe. And Turner Classic Movies gifts have her covered on all counts with the TCM mug ($18.99-$25.99), and books like West Side Story:The Jets, The Sharks, and the Making of a Classic ($20.95) by Richard Barrios or Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir ($30) by Eddie Muller. Find these gifts and more at: ShopTMC.com


Foot pain? Hand or wrist pain? Back pain? Rawlogy cork massage balls can help — in more ways than one. Rawlogy is LGBT-certified enterprise founded and owned by trans man Marek Bowers, who created these lightweight, durable massage balls made of sustainable cork and rubber that come in a variety of sizes to release tension in any muscle or tendon. Prices start at $12.Rawlogy.com


It takes a lot of hard work to keep that bear body in shape, and all that working out is likely to leave you with some sore muscles. If you’re looking for the perfect device to offer your favorite workout buddy some relief, check out the RolflexPRO ($69.99). It’s a perfect gift for runners, climbers, wrestlers, cyclists, tennis players, mixed martial arts practitioners, ninjas, and anyone looking to comfortably and effectively recover via self-massage. RolFlexPro.com and Amazon.com


Who wouldn’t want a cute teddy bear to cuddle up with? How about an Ami Bear? This Chunky Knit Blanket ($99.99) from the Bedsure Collection, Bedsure’s newest line, comes in ivory, blue and pink — something for every cuddlebug out there. Available at Amazon.com