On Tuesday, Dallas Summer Musicals canceled its performance of Hamilton due to COVID-19 cases being detected within the company. DSM immediately announced that all future performances including tonight’s are scheduled to go as planned and ticket holders for Tuesday night will work to reschedule the show.

Early Wednesday, DSM announced its reschedule performance for Dec. 5 at 7:30 p.m. All tickets to Tuesday’s performance will be honored for that day. Refunds and exchanges are available should they be unable to attend on that date by contacting the original point of purchase.

On a different Hamilton note (and from personal experience), the theater has announced that guests should arrive 90 minutes before the performance to guarantee on-time entry. At the very least, I’d say leave for the theater about 60-90 minutes ahead to either avoid the long lines waiting to park or at least be early in the queue. Add to that the time to wait getting into the theater and to your seat. The ticket scanners inside are organized but crowds will slow things down.