Less than two weeks after five people were shot to death and 25 others injured at a gay bar in Colorado Springs, a man was arrested at S4 for carrying a gun. Signs on the doors of all bars on Cedar Springs Road clearly mark them as places where guns may not be carried.

Christian Rios, 23, was watching the show in the Rose Room on Thanksgiving night and acting drunk, according to someone who witnessed the incident, when Cassie Nova brought him up toward the stage. From the audience, people were encouraging him to take off his shirt. As he was dancing near the stage, he removed his shirt and that’s when people noticed he was carrying a gun in his back waistband.

Security was informed and Rios was escorted off the property and arrested. Another S4 patron sent Dallas Voice the drivers license of the man taken into custody.

Caven Enterprises, owner of S4, has implemented new security procedures including wanding customers before they enter the bar. Backpacks and large purses are banned and small purses are subject to checking at the door.

Since the Club Q incident, Dallas Police have increased patrols in the area. That measure was taken as a precaution, not because there have been any credible threats.

— David Taffet