Attention all professional photographers, hobby photographers, Instagram aficionados and people who just love snapping with their phones — Dallas Voice’s OUT North Texas is looking for you. 

For the next iteration of OUTNTX, we’re considering something different, which is where you come in. We’re looking for your photos of Dallas and North Texas to be considered for publication in the next issue of the annual LGBTQ visitors/relocation guide (see our last issue at the end of this post). We’d love see the area through your eyes. 

So what are we looking for? That’s a really good question.

We want your take on Dallas’ (and surrounding areas’) iconic spots, such as the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Fair Park or Bishop Arts — from drone shots to Go-Pros and everything in between. 

We need your visions of the gayborhood — particularly but not limited to the Cedar Springs Strip. 

We want to see those hidden gems that you always tell people about.

We want to see fashion, food, fun and fabulosity as defined by you.

We urge you to think out of the box on pictures that represent Dallas/North Texas in a unique way. 

We want your voices in pictures.

And just what is going to be done with all these pictures?

Depending on the photos, the goal is to include more user-generated content within the guide that helps provide a vision of North Texas for those visiting and moving here. Dallas and North Texas mean different things to different people. We want to paint the best picture of the area for those coming here. 

What’s in it for you?

To be upfront, there isn’t a fee associated with published submissions. We’re here simply asking for your help. Each photo will certainly be credited and linked to your Instagram if one is available. 

Things to consider.

High-res photos are key so if you’re sending from your phone, select the original size. If you send one, simply email the photo. If you’re sending multiple (we encourage that), Dropbox or Google Drive would be ideal. Color photos will be prioritized over black and white. All photos (along with any questions) should be sent to by Dec. 3 and be sure to put “PHOTOS FOR OUTNTX” in the subject line.

Again, think out of the box while also thinking about what someone new to the area might see in your photo. We do ask to stay away from filters/effects or extensive editing and coloring as we want to present the best of the area in its natural-ish glory. 

We can’t wait to see what you got – and thank you so much.

– Rich Lopez