Warner Portis, inset, was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly shooting another man in a road rage incident in Oak Lawn, near the intersection of Douglas and Congress avenues.

One man was hospitalized and another arrested following a shooting early Sunday morning, Feb. 26, near the intersection of Congress and Douglas in the Oak Lawn area, according to reports by Fox 4 KDFW.

Warner Portis, 39, was arrested for allegedly shooting another man in his car following a minor car accident. The injured man has not been publicly identified, and reports are that the two men did not know each other.

On Ring Camera shared with Fox 4 and Dallas police, Portis can be heard screaming obscenities at the wounded man, whom he allegedly had already shot four times: “Stop f—ing playing with me, man,” and “I been telling you, dumb mother—er. Don’t play with me like that, man! Quit f—ing playing with me!”
Police told Fox 4 hat Portis got out of a gray Audi and started shooting at the man in a Toyota behind him, and that the driver of the Toyota began backing his car up to escape the bulllets, eventually hitting a pole.

Portis continued shooting, and Fox 4’s video from the scene shows numerous bullet holes in the Toyota’s hood and windshield.

Portis reportedly told police that the man in the Toyota had rammed his car from behind and that he began shooting because he thought the other man had a gun and was trying to shoot him.

Police, however, found no gun in the Toyota. A witness who lives near the scene of the shooting told Fox 4 she heard four or five gunshots followed by the sound of a car crash and then several more shots.

— Tammye Nash