Uptown Players Dallas Pride Performing Arts Festival, a series of one-act plays at Frank’s Place, the small theater upstairs at the Kalita Humphreys Theater, continues tonight with Why Am I Not Gay?

Why Am I Not Gay, by Jason Kane, is his story about growing up a fan of musical theater. He knows that when he talks about his collection of original Broadway Cast Recordings, the season finale of Kathy Griffin, and his two cats, he should expect to be gay-tially profiled as family. This straight man is one Bette Midler concert shy of legally irrefutable proof of queerness. The show pokes fun at these dilemmas with a peppering of showtunes, pop songs, and monologues.

Arnold Wayne Jones’ comments here.

DEETS: Franks Place, Upstairs at the Kalita Humphreys, 3636 Turtle Creek Blvd. Why Am I Not Gay begins at  7:30 p.m.