Philip Burton: I started with Dallas Voice in 2017. I cannot imagine the far-reaching impact that Dallas Voice has on North Texas LGBT communities and, indeed, much of the nation. The articles are well-written, hard-hitting, accurate and timely; the two years I’ve been with the paper have been inspirational.

Linda Depriter: I started working for the Dallas Voice around 2004, and I just love it here. I wouldn’t think of working anywhere else. My coworkers are the greatest, and we all always help each other. I’m so proud of this company cause it cares about the LGBT community so much, and my customers are like family. Leo Cusimano is the best boss.

Josey Depriter: Ruff ruff April 2018. Ruff-ruff-ruff. Rufff ruff. Ruff-ruff ruff-ruff. Besides, I am the cutest staff member.

Nicholas Gonzalez: I started with Dallas Voice on Feb. 5, 2018. Working for Dallas Voice has allowed me an opportunity to get involved with our community in a very unique and professional way. I’ve been able to interact with some of the greatest people and organizations that I have ever met due to the role that I have. I very much appreciate the path that Dallas Voice paved over the past 35 years of publication, which led me here.

Arnold Wayne Jones: I started with Dallas Voice in December 2001. I’ve enjoyed chronicling the pop culture life of gay Dallas in words and pictures.

Chad Mantooth: I started working at Dallas Voice in January 2012. I expected to be figured out and fired immediately, but after 7 years I’m still around! I love working for Dallas Voice because I feel we are the epicenter of the community. We not only bring the community together and give so many organizations in the community a voice, but hopefully we entertain, too.

Stephen Mobley: I started working at Dallas Voice in August 2014. I love working here because I have been able to help provide the community with LGBT news every day for the past five years. This job has helped me branch out from my small-town roots and really find myself.

Tammye Nash: My first day at work for Dallas Voice was June 6, 1988, and I have worked here a total of about 25 years, in three separate stints, since then. I love working for Dallas Voice because I be lieve that this job gives me the chance to help my community strive for equality and because, as my spouse teases me, I get to be a professional gay.

David Taffet: I began freelancing for the Voice in March 1989 with a monthly travel column. This issue is my 10-year anniversary of working for Dallas Voice full-time as a reporter. It’s important to me that we’re presenting an accurate portrayal of the LGBT community from our perspective.

Kevin Thomas: I began working here in 2010. I love working for Dallas Voice, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get to see David Taffet and Tammye Nash every day, and they are the highlights of my life.

Shawn Weston: I began with Dallas Voice in January 2016. Dallas Voice has a large, long-standing footprint in the community. When I give my efforts toward that, it really feels like I’m helping inch society in a better direction.