Todrick Hall’s new album drops tomorrow

UPDATE: Listen to “Tiktok,” the first song on Todrick Hall’s new album, Quarantine Queen, below, then keep listening to hear the rest of the six-song album. This is just the audio; as soon as the video is posted, we’ll let you know.

Texas dancing/singing queen Todrick Hall just announced on Facebook that his surprise new album, Quarantine Queen, comes out tomorrow, and that the accompanying video will be available tomorrow morning (Wednesday, April 29).

“New video drops tomorrow morning filmed from inside my home with a few of my friends (from their homes) who you might recognize! Can’t wait for you to see it!” Todrick wrote on Facebook today.

In an Instagram post yesterday, Todrick explained the background for the album: “Surprise! Soooo…exactly one week ago I decided to write and create an entire album to hopefully lift your spirits during this quarantine! Nina Simone once said ‘It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live.’ I hope this inspires you to stay healthy, stay creative, stay safe and stay home while continuing to stay fabulous! Love you all and I promise HP3 [House Party 3] is coming soon, but until then get ready; cuz it’s going down Wednesday!”

I am wondering if he’ll be posting video of his performance in the World of Wonder/Stonewall Gives Back Initiative concert last week ….

— Tammye Nash