Scrambled Egg Theatre Co. presents ‘A Man of No Importance’ at the 7th annual FW Fringe.

FW Fringe, the annual Fringe Festival co-produced by Theatre Network of Texas, Inc. and Arts Fort Worth features a variety of stage acts that includes theater, dance and puppetry performances, storytelling, poetry and more. The festival will include works by performers from throughout Texas and even beyond. This year marks the festival’s seventh edition.

The festival also features ties to the local LGBTQ community. Why We Dance by David Hill is among the scheduled lineup this weekend.

“I wrote Why We Dance to help me deal with my life after my partner John Loza passed. I work with lots of younger LGBTQ kids [and] young adults and I hope this gives them a sense that life does get better,” Hill said by email. “Plus, I talk about fighting for civil rights with John and now Portia Cantrell and Silver Pride Project. Life doesn’t end after you lose someone you just have to fight harder now for two, laugh harder, live harder and keep moving on.”

Bruce R. Coleman’s Tales from the Late Night Kroger was to be included in this year’s festival but due to his recent passing, the show looks to be postponed from this year’s festival.

Hill expressed his sentimental thoughts on Coleman’s influence and his show prior to the rescheduling.

“I was very blessed to land my first theater job in Dallas with Bruce Coleman and New Theater Company. He had started it with Charlotte and Jim Jorgensen. The four of us worked for seven years and shared many stories.  I am so glad that people can hear some new stories from him and his take on what happens at Kroger.”

The festival will feature 12 acts. All performances will be held at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. For tickets and schedule, click here.

–Rich Lopez