Jenny Block at Rainbow Vomit. Photo by Arnold Wayne Jones.

Dallas Voice wants to say thanks, again, to the folks at Rainbow Vomit for hosting Arnold Wayne Jones’ recent photoshoot with author and Dallas Voice columnist Jenny Block. Jenny, featured on the cover of the Feb. 7 issue of the Voice, has a brand new self-help book, Be That Unicorn: Find Your Music, Live Your Truth and Share Your Shine, that’s all about helping people learn to channel their inner unicorns and live their best lives.

Be That Unicorn is available in print and in ebook format at and other booksellers. Jenny will also have a book-signing party at Rainbow Vomit on  Tuesday, Feb. 18, from 7-9 p.m. The book signing event is free, and those attending can get half-price tickets to the current Balloon Takeover exhibit/event.

Rainbow Vomit, located at 3609 Parry Ave. in Dallas, is ” an immersive art experience [that] is both an interactive photography exhibit and a unique venue space.” For all the details and to see a schedule of events and buy tickets, visit the Rainbow Vomit website.

— Tammye Nash