State Rep. Shawn Thierry

Even though the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus has a “long-standing policy to not get involved in Democratic Primary elections,” according to Caucus President Jeff Strater, today (Friday, Feb. 23), the caucus issued a statement advising Democrats “not to vote for or support Democratic state Rep. Shawn Thierry (D-Houston) due to continued anti-LGBTQ+ actions and statements.”

TSDC is the official LGBTQ+ caucus of the Texas Democratic Party. Today’s statement was issued following a vote by the statewide caucus board, Strater said.

A press release announcing the statement warning against Thierry called the caucus’ stance “unprecedented” and said the board’s vote was unanimous.

According to the statement issued by the caucus, “Thierry’s recent track record has raised serious concerns within the caucus. Thierry’s continued and increasing amount of anti-LGBTQ+ statements and policy decisions are in direct conflict with the Texas Democratic Party’s platform and values. As the official LGBTQ+ caucus of the Texas Democratic Party, we must act against a Democratic candidate who undermines equality, human rights, and the dignity of the LGBTQ+ community.”

The statement continues, “This marks the first time in the history of the caucus that we have issued a statement advising against voting for and supporting a candidate in a Democratic primary. While our bylaws prevent us from formally endorsing a candidate in the Democratic primary, we strongly encourage voters in House District 146 to explore alternative candidates who align with our values. We respectfully request that our coalition partners, labor unions, and progressive organizations refrain from supporting Rep. Thierry’s reelection.”

Strater added, “Rep. Thierry’s anti-LGBTQ+ stance is incompatible with the principles we hold dear. As an organization committed to equality and justice, we urge voters to consider other candidates who champion our cause.”

Caucus Vice President Jessica Cohen said, “Representative Thierry’s troubling anti-LGBTQ+ statements and policy positions are extremely concerning. As the official caucus of the Texas Democratic Party for advancing LGBTQ+ rights, it was absolutely necessary for us to take this action in a Democratic Primary, urging voters to consider other choices besides Rep. Thierry.”

— Tammye Nash