Pop singer Zolita (Courtesy photo by Jade DeRose)

Tuesday night, pop singer Zolita will take the stage as the supporting act for Bebe Rexha. With her Falling Out/Falling In EP release earlier this year and the new song “Grave” just for this tour, Zolita’s music is flush with personal stories of her relationship statuses. New girlfriends, breakups and finding new love all pepper her pop dance sound. 

Last year, she turned her music into a viral sensation with the video trilogy of her songs “Somebody I Fucked Once,” “Single In September,”and “I Fucking Love You,” from her album Evil Angel

Before her performance, she spoke with the Dallas Voice about her relationships set to music, celebrating Pride and finding lesbian music icons among her favorite pop princesses. 

Dallas Voice: Happy Pride to you. Have you been celebrating in any way?

Zolita: Thank you! Yes, I’ve been celebrating by just being on this tour. It started on May 31 and it’s so queer. It’s honestly been the perfect way to celebrate Pride. 

Pride is more important than ever with all this rampant anti-LGBTQ legislation. How is it to tour to states like Texas where these laws are being passed so quickly?

Seeing all these bills moving forward is tough. I think it’s even more important to tour to those states to create safe space for the fans and anyone. I live in such a bubble in Los Angeles that it can be easy to forget what’s going on everywhere. 

Your songs give a lot of focus to relationships and love, but what is your philosophy on love?

I think the first time I had really fallen in love, I was inspired by the happiness of it. It’s so easy to pull from – obviously as in my songs. Love has obviously been a big inspiration so to me, I think it’s finding that genuine happiness. 

Do friends come to you for relationship advice?

They do and I think it’s because right now I’m in a healthy relationship! 

Is it easy to recognize moments that inspire a song or when you write, are you pulling from memories?

Writing is cathartic for me and I keep things in a memory bank, but sometimes, something will happen in the moment that I can say to myself, “I’m gonna write about this.” Right now, being in this healthy relationship, there’s lots to pull from. 

You’ve written about breakups as well like in “Crazy Ex.” It’s right there in the title. Has that ever bitten you in the ass?

I mean, yes. My first album was about my ex. And recently, another ex got one of my songs early because she is a writer, so that happened. But I like to think it’s just a nice way to communicate. 

You’ve said in other interviews that you grew up on Britney, Xtina and Gaga which we can see and hear in your music. Did you ever listen to lesbian icons like k.d. Lang or Melissa Etheridge?

I didn’t really find out about them until college so I wasn’t very exposed to them. In college, I was looking for queer music and Melissa was one of the first. There was Chely Wright and Sophie B. Hawkins for me. 

Have you played Dallas before?

I was opening there once in 2019. What I do remember though is going to Sue Ellen’s after and that was such a fun night. 

–Rich Lopez

Bebe Rexha with Lolita at House of Blues on Tuesday. Doors at 7 p.m. Click here for tickets and information.