Cassie Nova, Jenna Skyy, Rocky Tacoma and Bleach speak with state Rep. Rafael Anchia

Cassie Nova, Jenna Skyy, Bleach and Rocky Tacoma from the cast of the Rose Room hopped a plane to Austin today (Wednesday, May 10), to testify against Senate Bill 12, a measure being heard today by the House State Affairs Committee that would effectively ban drag shows in Texas. Watch the video below. Mike Ngyuen of Caven Enterprises — which owns S4, the Rose Room, JR.’s, Sue Ellen’s and TMC: The Mining Company, which all host drag shows — and Arthur Hood of HV Entertainment — which owns the soon-to-open Dallas location of Hamburger Mary’s, which will also feature drag shows — both went with the queens today to lobby against SB 12.

Photos and video courtesy of Caven Enterprises.

— Tammye Nash