Members of the North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce gathered Friday, March 1, at 3500 Oak Lawn, Ste. 200, to celebrate the grand opening of Room For Change’s new offices in the Oak Lawn gayborhood.

Room For Change provides LGBTQ-affirming counseling for individuals, couples and adolescents and offers both in-person and teletherapy services. Room For Change accepts al major insurances, and associates are supervised by Amanda Esquivel, LPC-S, and Hillary Labac, LPC-S.

Room For Change is billed as “a place and space for inner growth” that takes an approach to therapy that “embraces an affirmative and inclusive view of LGBTQ identities and relationships while addressing the negative influences that homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism have on the lives of LGBTQ clients.”

Room For Change’s services include counseling for individuals, relationships and adolescents, coming out support, gender-affirming care, ethical non-monogamy, same-sex relationship counseling, sexual relationships and dysfunction, EMDR for help with trauma, covert cultural sexual abuse, living with HIV, shame resilience, parenting LGBTQ youth, BDSM/Kink and identity exploration.

Therapists in the Oak Lawn office are licensed professional counselors Brian Kennedy, Justin Dion and Megan Olson and associate licensed professional counselors Martie McNamara and Zach Read. Call the office at 214-385-5445 or email


As part of its mission to create a welcoming and affirming environment “where LGBTQ+ clients can see themselves proudly represented,” the Oak Lawn offices of Room For Change have launched the Art Project at Room For Change, decorating the space with various works of art by LGBTQ+ artists.

“Art has the power to ignite conversations, transcend boundaries and challenge the status quo while impacting the healing journey of those clients we server,” according to Room For Change. “Throughout history, queer artists have harnessed their creativity to reclaim the narratives, break stereotypes and dismantle oppressive systems. Through their artistic expression, queer artists challenge societal norms, question gender binaries and explore the complexities of identity.”

Using the works of queer artists throughout the Room For Change space, a spokesman said, provides an opportunity for those artists to share their own unique stories, experiences and perspectives, thus empowering others while also “fostering a sense of belonging.”

“These creations serve as a platform to celebrate diverse expressions of love, sexuality and gender, while promoting acceptance and inclusion. By embracing their authentic selves, these artists inspire others to do the same and cultivate a world where everyone can thrive and be celebrated for who they are.”

— Tammye Nash