Chappell Roan opened for Olivia Rodrigo at American Airlines on March 1. (Photos by Melissa Whitler)

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Chappell Roan proved herself a force to be reckoned with as the opener for Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World Tour. The singer began to gain traction online after the release of her first album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess last year, and has further wowed audiences with her live performances.

Last Friday night at the American Airlines Center, Chappell Roan kicked off the Guts concert in Dallas in a sparkly blue outfit, adorned with a cowboy hat and fringe. Her stage presence commanded the attention of the whole audience, even those who were not yet fans. She started with the first song off her album, “Femininomenon,” an anthem calling women to know their worth and not accept anything less from a man. It was the perfect opening to get the crowd on their feet.

Her live, all-female band were a great compliment to Roan’s powerhouse voice. The whole set was a campy celebration of queerness. Hearing a sold-out arena sing along to lyrics about loving both boys and girls is powerful. And seeing how many of Olivia Rodrigo’s fans were excited about seeing Chappell Roan shows she is on the verge of being the next big star.

In addition to being an amazing singer, part of Chappell Roan’s charm comes from her dance moves. Her high kicks in go-go boots and dramatic hir flips show just how much fun she has while performing. Roan is bold and doesn’t hold back, moving across the whole stage and not afraid to get on her knees. She also engages the audience with the interactive dance along to “HOT TO GO!” that she describes as “like the YMCA but harder.” 

After the first few songs, Chappell shared the story behind the hit “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl.” One of her friends went on a very bad date at a Chili’s, and as her friend, Roan told her “Don’t waste your time on him, you’re so pretty.” But she didn’t listen. And thus, another call to embrace yourself and what you deserve was born.

The viral TikTok hit “Casual” brought out everyone’s phone flashlights as Roan went into the calmer part of her set. Her vocals really shined through with all distractions stripped away. It gave everyone a chance to catch their breath before the final excitement of “Red Wine Supernova,” “My Kink is Karma,” and the closing “Pink Pony Club.” By the end, the audience wanted more and a glass of water to cool off with.

Throughout her set Chappell Roan emphasized how thankful she was that Olivia Rodrigo invited her along on the Guts Tour.

Olivia Rodrigo at American Airlines Center.

Rodrigo herself gave quite the performance. The Guts Tour is Rodrigo announcing she’s not a kid star anymore. On the heels of turning 21, she’s crafted a show that proves how much she’s grown as a performer since the Sour Tour. Featuring modern style back-up dancers, incredible lighting and stage effects, and singing on a floating moon, it’s a concert you’ll never forget. The pairing of Chappell Roan and Olivia Rodrigo provides a show that’ll keep you on your feet in your Doc Martins, screaming your heart out about love and loss.

–Melissa Whitler