IMG_1201Friday is Dallas Voice’s annual Food Issue, but to get it started, we’ll be doing some blog posts to, let’s say, whet your appetite.
First up: Here is why you should read our food section regularly. Last March, I stopped by a neighborhood taqueria its first night of operation. I was, in fact, the first official customer for this unsuspecting West Dallas storefront, sandwiched between auto shops on Singleton Boulevard. The decor? None. The waitstaff? No existent. The menu? Really limited — like, six items. Total. Three tacos, three quesadillas. You had to work to break ten bucks.
I ordered two tacos and a quesadillas …. and I was wowed by what I tasted. I stopped by three more times in the next 10 days; within a month, I had published the first-ever review of Trompo. I raved. I Instagrammed and Facebooked and Tweeted its delights. It was never very crowded when I went it, but damn was it great.
IMG_0961If you had paid attention to me then — and some did — you would have been on the ground floor of something that has become something of a phenomenon. Last month, Bon Appetit magazine declared humble little Trompo one of the top 50 new restaurants. In America.
The acclaim has led to huge lines, sellouts, even new hours (from “until 10 p.m.” to “until we run out”). I’m delighted for owner/chef Luis Olvera. He’s hiring more staff. It’s great for Dallas, great for tacos. And you could have been going there for months… without the lines. So listen up! We have more food news ahead…. before Bon Appetit gets it. Pick up the Voice Friday for more … and check back on the website all the time for foodie news.