Queer Music News is a smattering of what’s going on in music by LGBTQ artists and the artists we love.

Here’s a wrap-up of music we’ve received in recent days for your new music Monday. Add these to your Memorial Day pool party playlist.

Demi Lovato teams with guitarist Slash for his new single and video

Slash released his solo album Orgy of the Damned on May 17 featuring a number of collabs. Also on that day, he dropped the third single off the album “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” featuring our favorite pan singer and also North Texan Demi Lovato.

“Slash is a legendary talent and friend I’ve known for years, so I was thrilled to collaborate with him again for his project. He brought such an amazing energy when we were in the studio and reimagining this iconic song together was effortless and fun,” Lovato said in the single’s announcement. “He had such a clear vision for the song and I’m grateful that he wanted to honor my story. I’m so proud of what we created!”

Slash grew up with the song and for him, it was one of his jam songs in his early days, he revealed. He added the reasons for having Lovato on this particular track.

“I definitely wanted Demi to do this song. It’s a very dark and personal kind of subject matter, therefore whoever sings it can’t just cover it for the sake of covering it, they have to be able to relate to it in some way,” he said in the announcement. “I’ve been friends with Demi Lovato for a few years now and I wanted a strong female voice to sing it. She has that really young and powerful voice that has this kind of, not an entirely innocent delivery, but definitely an almost childlike quality to it. I asked her to do it because Demi’s had some interesting stories in her past and she jumped at the idea. I had no idea how she was going to react to the question, but she totally knew and related to the song.”

Watch the video below:

Girlie pop and bisexual TikTok-er Chrissy Chlapecka releases new single “10 Boyfriends”

Ahead of her debut EP Girlie Pop out on June 5. Chlapecka dropped this track “about having fun, being hot and living by the absolute truth that a pretty girl should never have just one guy.” So basically she encapsulates social media in a song.

Watch “10 Boyfriends” below:

VINCINT + Adam Lambert collab for “Another Lover”

VINCINT dropped the bop “Another Lover” a couple weeks ago that’s described as “a high voltage hedonistic ode to lust and love.” The song is a duet with fellow gay pop singer and Queen front man Adam Lambert. The single is a cut fro VINCINT’s upcoming EP and comes ahead of a booked Pride month with performance dates in London, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Vancouver.

Written with Annie Schindel, RZY and Skywalk, the song was inspired by a real life, sexually liberating experience at Coachella.

“I was on a high from the stage, dancing with my crew, riding the wave, and locked eyes with a boy. I then had one of the best nights of my life. This song is about making the fantasy a reality, owning your sexiness and body, and diving in,” he said in the press release.

“VINCINT and I have been friends for years and once I heard the new track coming together, I immediately loved it and was honored to be asked to sing on it,” Lambert mentioned in the release. “It’s the perfect Pride bop for summer! After debuting the track in my Sydney Mardi Gras headline set, I’m excited the world can now stream it!”

Listen to “Another Lover” below:

–Rich Lopez