Turtle Creek Chorale Artistic Director Sean Baugh

The Turtle Creek Chorale just posted a video that made more than one of us here at Dallas Voice cry.

For me, the chorale is personal. They’ve been there for me through good times and bad — they sang at my wedding. Or more accurately, my wedding took place on stage during one of their concerts. And nine months later, they sang at my husband Brian’s funeral. So I love these guys who were there for me on the happiest day of my life and were there for me on the saddest.

I attended one of their first concerts in 1981. My friend Steve Freeman (many of you remember him — he opened TapeLenders on Cedar Springs Road in 1980) was playing in the orchestral ensemble accompanying the chorale as they performed at El Centro College. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Over the years, I’ve been to a number of chorale rehearsals. I love the camaraderie during their rehearsals. These guys love each other. That comes through from the minute they walk through the door. And I’ve done them a BIG favor. I never ever tried to add my tone-deaf, off-key, hoarse singing voice to theirs.

Now they’re going through hard times. They can’t get together to sing. Watch the video and see how painful that is to so many TCC members. I know these guys and that pain expressed is real.

But they’ll be back.

“We WILL sing for you again,” members repeat in the video.

Yes, you will sing for us again. I just talked to my mother-in-law last weekend. She and I have gone to every chorale concert together since Brian’s death. She said she can’t wait til we can go to our next chorale concert. You WILL sing for her again.

So thank you for this video, guys, and you’ll be back together because I know you won’t let down Brian’s mom.

— David Taffet