OUTwest Lubbock, a virtual community for LGBTQ West Texans, has taken to GoFundMe in an effort to convince the Lubbock City Council to issue a proclamation recognizing June as LGBTQ Pride Month.

“We are raising money to go toward print and virtual media advertisements in our local outlets,” organizers explained. “Your donation will be greatly appreciated and put to good use for these and other endeavors related to this proclamation campaign. Any money raised over our set goal of $2,500 will go toward our fall October LGBTA+ History Month Proclamation Campaign.”

The objective, they said, is” “to encourage members of the Lubbock City Council to issue an Official Proclamation declaring June as Pride Month, to recognize the broad cultural and entrepreneurial contributions of the LGBTQ+ community to the city of Lubbock and to declare that Lubbock is a city that welcomes all. #HateIsNotALubbockValue.”

For more information, visit the OUTwestLubbock.org.

— Tammye Nash