Out in the community

Adam Vigil finds new life in theater

RICH LOPEZ | Staff writer

Garland Civic Theatre’s production of the thriller Wait Until Dark opened last weekend in the Granville Arts Center. Made famous by the Audrey Hepburn film, the story centers on Susy a blind woman who uses her smarts to try to outwit the murderous ex-cons she has become entangled with. Among those is Carlinas played by gay actor Adam Vigil.

The out actor made his debut with GCT in this show, and it his third show overall since he decided to take up acting just last year. Now Vigil, at 34, admits he has caught the theater bug.

Here’s what Vigil has to say about his role, his job and his life:

On his role as Sgt. Carlino: “I play him with a very deep characterization. I mean, it’s hard not to. He’s a tough guy but not one of the three con men; he’s not the most educated.

Adam Vigil, right, is Sgt. Carlino in Garland Civic Theatre’s Wait Until Dark (Photo by Cheryl Pellett)

On his job: “I am a cost estimator/purchaser for a powder paint company in Garland.”

On taking up the theater: “I just started acting onstage about a year ago at the Rockwall Community Playhouse. I was in The Boys Next Door, and then I played in Leading Ladies.

On his background: “I went to the College of Santa Fe and majored in film costuming and set design. I did some student films and directed here and there. I never thought I had the talent to be onstage.”

On getting onstage: “I joined the theater to keep me busy. I was going through a dark breakup and needed to find something to do. I had nothing to lose, and so I just gave it my all. It was such a thrill, and I liked it so much. I have the theater bug now and want to keep doing shows. I think comedy is my strong suit, even though this role isn’t necessarily comedy.

The show must go on: “Our show got delayed from January to April due to COVID. We all made it back though, and it has been wonderful to pick it back up again. You become this family.

Dark days: “What I love about this show is the idea that this blind woman is the hero. These con artists think she’s incapable, and I think people do that in general when they see someone who is differently-abled. She has to use all her other senses to try to overcome these three men.”

On being an out actor: “In this show I have to butch it up. I’m naturally flamboyant. I think someone’s sexuality or identity shouldn’t deny them roles. We’ve seen that actors — gay or straight — can do anything.”

In his free time: “I am usually hanging out with my cats Zoe and Newton. I’m a history buff, so I love going to museums like Heritage Park, but also the Perot Museum is amazing. I haven’t hung out there in a while but JR.’s and S4 are always my favorite places to go out. You can be whoever you wanna be and dance however you wanna dance and have a fabulous time.”

Wait Until Dark runs through May 15. For tickets and information, visit GarlandCivic.org.