Terry S. Boyle, 61, passed away in his Dallas home in July after a prolonged illness. Originally from Canada, he travelled extensively across the U.S., living and working in places and in jobs that exemplified his free spirit and sense of adventure. Most of those experiences were shared with his partner of many years, Wally McHenry.

After settling in Dallas, Terry’s life and work took on a more traditional path until his early retirement in 2020.

Prior to his decline, Terry enjoyed dinners and gathering with friends and going to plays, dance performances, museums, exhibits and various other artistic venues. His hospitality was legendary. The Libra Brunch parties he put together in the early years are still remembered and talked about among his friends, as well as the Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners for those without family nearby.

Terry was an artist, an aspiring writer, a wine collector and a collector of music, books, movies and various other entertainment mediums. He was a collector of vintage collectible items and oddities, a designation that could also be used to describe his varied and diversified friendships developed over the years that he was here with us.

Though his friends are scattered far and wide, he will be missed by them all. He touched many lives. He will be remembered fondly.