How to dress with Pride during the pandemic

Now that the governor has finally mandated masks in public accommodations to stem the spread of COVID-19, we started thinking about the other things you have to wear in polite society… and the best way to do it with a sense of Pride. So here are some stylish suggestions for your corona wardrobe.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

(above) Addicted ES Secret Collection. You won’t have many secrets in the revealing, form-fitting bikinis and breathable trunks from Addicted USA. These boldly colorful bathing suits may make it difficult to keep your social distance, but they (and anything from ES or Addicted’s uber-gay catalogue) will make your summer cooler… and hotter. Available at and ES Collection Dallas, 3926 Cedar Springs Road.


Ruthie Davis Pride Pump and Jogger. Designer Ruth Davis has a sense of style as well as responsibility and so is donating 20 percent of sales from her rainbow-tastic Pride Pump to NYC’s gay and lesbian center. And if you aren’t one for heels, the Pride Jogger gives the flat of foot a chance to gain a little height and let everyone know they’re here, they’re queer and you should get used to us being fabulous. Available at



I Was Born This Way Collection T-shirt. We didn’t need Gaga to tell us this fact, but it was nice she let the rest of the heteroverse know. Now you can complete the circuit with a faboo T from We Have Visual. You can complete the ensemble with a happy mug, tote or pillow, too. Available at



SwaddleDesigns. We’ve all become mask connoisseurs since March, and since they are required now, you need ones that fit well, provide protection and offer a bit of style. The chambray cotton masks from SwaddleDesigns have a sewn-in nose guard to reduce pressure on your honker, a placket on the bottom to more easily grip your chin and several sizes. Colors run from basic black to pink to white to a versatile charcoal grey, as well as a number of patterns. Available at c.