QueerBomb Dallas and Krista De La Rosa are joining forces to hold the Dallas March for #BlackTransLives on Sunday, June 9, at Resource Center, 5750 Cedar Springs Road, from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Organizations that would like to co-sponsor the event should email Krista@Arttitude.org. Organizers need donations of candles, poster supplies or other services. Those who can donate are asked to email Krista@Arttitude.org. Monetary donations can go directly to Stop Killing Black Transgender People.

Organizers said:

Dallas LGBTQIA+ Family and All Allies:
“We must learn to love one another or die.”
These words hold meaning more now than ever.
In the names of Chynal Lindsey, Muhlaysia Booker and countless lives ended by hate, we call on you, the greater DFW community, to rally with us in sorrow and anger against the rise in deadly violence against black trans women in our city.\
We call on every one of you to join us in the streets this Sunday in a mass show of love and solidarity for our Texas trans family. Show your Pride, take each other by the hands and raise your voices loud and clear: This hatred, this violence must end!
We call on our elected leaders to work to end this crisis of violence, currently ravaging vulnerable communities across our city. We demand safety and security in our communities and our representatives to fight for us at city hall, in the halls of justice and in our neighborhoods.
This is a time for our community and the thousands of people who call themselves allies to make themselves seen and heard. This is a time for us to lift each other up and show that violence will not make us hide away; it will not make us disappear.
Now is the time to show who we are. We will see you in the streets.

— Tammye Nash