Joe Biden

In a Quinnipiac poll of Texas voters released today (Wednesday, June 5), Joe Biden has a four point lead over Donald Trump, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is only one point behind Trump in Texas (45-46 percent).

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is just two points behind Trump (44-46 percent). Yes, in Texas, the gay guy is within a statistical margin of error with the orange guy. To put that another way, about as many Texans would vote for the gay guy as Texans who would vote for Trump.

Beto O’Rourke trails Trump in Texas by three points (45-48 percent). By a 2-1 margin, Democrats in Texas say O’Rourke should challenge incumbent Sen. John Cornyn in the 2020 senatorial race rather than run for president.

California Sen. Kamala Harris trails Trump in the poll by four points, and former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is just three points behind Trump.

In a Biden-Trump matchup in Texas, Biden wins among women 54-39 percent. Biden leads Trump 86-7 percent among black voters. We need to talk to some of these 7 percent of black voters in Texas who would vote for Trump. And among Democrats, 94-4 percent support Biden. Who are these so-called Democrats who would support Trump over Biden? Well, they’re Texas Democrats.

— David Taffet