Kelly Neidert first started making a name for herself as head hater on campus as a student at UNT. Then last June she rounded up her gang to protest outside a kid-friendly drag show at Mr. Misster on Pride weekend.


UPDATE: After announcing earlier today that they would be protesting at Hamburger Mary’s on Cedar Springs Road once it opens, Kelly Neidert and the haters at the wildly-misnamed “Protect Texas Kids” announced around noon that they will be protesting at the Dallas Pride events June 3-4 in Fair Park.

“Next weekend marks the beginning of groomer season in Texas,” notes an item in the PTK newsletter mailed out around noon today. “Dallas PRIDE is hosting a 2-day ‘festival’ with a drag show for kids, a transgender youth panel, and a ‘family-friendly’ pride parade. Last year for the parade, naked and diapered men dance and waved around sex toys in front of children. This lewd display should not be allowed so join us in protesting these perverts.”

While admission to the park for the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade on Sunday, June 4, is free, anybody entering the park on Saturday, June 3, for the Music Festival will be required to pay an admission fee: $10 for adults and $5 for those ages 13-19. Admission is free for children 12 and under, and there is a special area — Family Pride Zone — set up for the children along with Teen Pride for the teenagers in the crowd.

On a personal note: I have attended my fair share of Pride parades and festivals over the course of my 62 years, and I do not recall EVER seeing naked people in the parade nor anyone — adults I mean — wearing diapers. But then, I know that the real groomers are not the LGBTQ folks celebrating Pride, either.

And on another personal note, those of attending Pride festivities who might come across Kelly and Her Mean Girls, ignore their dumb asses. Attention is what they want; it feeds their hate. Just ignore them.

ORIGINAL POST: It’s Pride season, and you know what that means: Rainbows and unicorns and lots of sparkly, happy LGBTQ folks.

And bigots.

The homophobes tend to flock to our Pride events like flies to honey (like ants to a picnic?), intent on spreading God’s love by screaming hate at us to make sure we know we are all a bunch of satanic, sex-crazed, child-grooming pedophile sinners headed straight for hell. After all, there is no hate like “Christian” love, right?

Anyway, with a whole month full of Pride activities planned around the DFW Metroplex, you can be sure we’ll be seeing some of the usual suspects out and about, spreading their hate at any number of those events and locations — including the soon-to-open Hamburger Mary’s on Cedar Springs Road.

Dallas Express, a right-wing mouthpiece that promotes the activities of Kelly Neidert and her merry band of haters (the ridiculously-named “Protect Texas Kids”), is reporting that Kelly and the gang are planning to protest the new burger joint slated to open June 1.

See, Hamburger Mary’s will feature frequent drag shows (Danny Lee Cabrera — Liquor Mini — is heading up the shows), and it’s Kelly’s self-appointed mission in life to protect children from drag queens. Apparently the fact that Hamburger Mary’s management has already said it will be a 21-and-up restaurant is irrelevant to Kelly, because, you know, drag queens.

Anyway, just be aware that they are out there, and don’t let the haters ruin your Pride Month fun.

— Tammye Nash