Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger released a new TV commercial called Fed Up that will air on Fox stations and other outlets in Michigan that promotes himself as the only moderate running.

Eleven Republicans will be on the Feb. 28 Michigan ballot including Gov. Rick Perry. Only five candidates — including Karger — continue to campaign.

Karger’s strategy is to get three delegates.

Each of the state’s 14 congressional districts get three delegates. Karger is concentrating his effort in the 8th Congressional District, which includes the part of the state capital, Lansing.

“If we can win one district, then we can walk away with at least three delegates,” Karger said. “As a first-time candidate who has not been allowed in one national debate, it’s an uphill battle to get known.”

Karger will spend the next two weeks in the area to mount a New Hampshire-style campaign with extensive voter contact.

Before traveling to Michigan, Karger was in Washington D.C. to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference. He tried to rent a booth in November but was told they sold out. He was also the only Republican presidential candidate not allowed to speak.

He filed a discrimination complaint against the group, which is likely to go into mediation.

Karger is the first openly gay presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Watch Karger’s new ad after the jump: