Julie Mabry at Pearl Bar (via Facebook)

Julie Mabry, owner of Pearl Bar Houston, that city’s lesbian bar, posted on Facebook that she was denied insurance because she hosts drag shows.

She wrote on Facebook she “was told by an underwriter that they WOULD NOT insure us due to our drag shows.”

What does hosting drag shows have to do with insurance?

“BECAUSE THE TEXAS LEGISLATURE IS SPREADING HATE! Insurance companies have to take in the “risk” of a business, and apparently, a lesbian bar is so much of a risk that the insurance companies are trying to deny us,” she wrote.

And the consequence of not being able to obtain insurance?

“No insurance – no TABC license,” she wrote.

Last year the bar paid more than $300,000 in TABC and sales tax.

According to the Houston Chronicle, she was offered one policy for $91,000, more than double the amount she’s currently paying. Her current policy runs through December.

— David Taffet