Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman in ‘The Last of Us.’ (HBO)

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Everyone is talking about Bill and Frank. Portrayed by Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec) and Murray Bartlett (White Lotus) on HBO’s The Last of Us, the two actors give viewers a touching love story in the recent third episode as a same-sex survivalist couple in a post-pandemic catastrophe where civilization is mostly wiped out. Based on the video game, the characters’ story was expanded upon in dramatic fashion for the episode.

And of course, the internet is showing up for this apocalyptic romance. Headlines, tweets and memes have filled the day commenting and recapping the episode. Now we don’t want to drop any spoilers  but these are among the  major outlets discussing the show. Proceed at your own risk.

In the headlines:

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The Hollywood Reporter: ‘The Last of Us’: Nick Offerman, Murray Bartlett Discuss Episode 3’s Surprise Romance

NBC: HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ adaptation is a milestone for LGBTQ gamers

–Rich Lopez