Garden Media Group shares gardening gift ideas every mom will love

Courtesy of Garden Media Group

Mom deserves the best — this year and every year. So give her a gardening gift that will bring a smile to her face and make her home beautiful for months — even years — to come. Don’t know what that might be?

Well, here are a few ideas:
• C-Bite Plant Support Kit from Thriving Design
C-BITE garden clips, cleverly connecting garden stakes and ties that can custom shapes and structures, make gardening a snap. Like tinker toys for the garden, C-BITEs connect into simple, sturdy plant supports that help grow a vast range of plants, from dahlias to tomatoes. This 5-foot plant support kit has everything needed to build a cage, a trellis or any combination of the two. Available in cheery tangerine orange or incognito green. The complete package includes garden stakes, C-BITE clips, and safety caps. $29.99 at

• ScentAmazing Gardenia from Southern Living Plant Collection
For a multigenerational garden with something special for everyone, nothing beats an enchanting gardenia. ScentAmazing Gardenia provides reblooming fragrant white blossoms from spring through fall, with glossy evergreen foliage that lends year-round beauty. Whether it’s lending bountiful blooms to Mom’s landscape or shining as a cut flower on Grandma’s table, ScentAmazing Gardenia is a true beauty, thriving in USDA Zones 7a-10b. $19.98 at

• Support Baby Pollinators
If you love pollinators as much as we do, you’ll know they love native plants. But what we don’t love is the stress of trying to find the right plants for the right region. Garden for Wildlife, from the National Wildlife Federation, has curated collections of native plants that support the most species of bees, birds, and butterflies — all selected by region. These beautiful blooms are proven to double the wildlife coming to your garden in just one season as well as adding variety, color and texture. $69.95, available at multiple sites.

• Weeding Robot
While some people love weeding, there are always other things Mom could be doing. Created by the inventor of Roomba, the Tertill weeding robot organically controls weeds, eliminating the need for herbicides and weed block. How does it work? Its wheels churn up the top layer of soil, looking for baby weeds and chopping them down before they have a chance to grow. Solar-powered and weatherproof, this handy device is as effective as hand weeding but so much easier. $349, available at Tertill and Amazon.

• Autumn Majesty from Encore Azalea
Bring a burst of on-trend purple to Mom’s yard this spring with the vibrant Autumn Majesty Encore Azalea. Autumn Majesty produces masses of purple blooms from spring all the way through fall. Its lush, color-saturated flowers are packed with layers of petals for a ruffled appearance, while vibrant green foliage stays bright all year long. This cold-hardier Encore Azalea thrives in USDA Zone 6A and above. Autumn Majesty loves the sun; four to six hours of direct sun or filtered shade makes for exceptional blooms. From $21.99, available at and a garden center near you.

• Park Seed’s Flower Seed Bio Dome Collection
Park’s Bio Dome and Flower Seed Collection is an excellent choice for moms. Any gardener — beginner or seasoned pro — will love it, but it’s also a fantastic gift for the whole family. This collection includes the original 60-cell Bio Dome and eight seed packets to grow some of the most robust and easy-to-grow classic garden favorites. $69.95, available at

• Petite Knock Out Rose
Star Roses & Plants’ new Petite Knock Out Rose is the first-ever miniature Knock Out Rose. It has the same flowering ability, bright color and easy maintenance as The Knock Out Rose, now in a revolutionary petite size. Mom can plant it up in a decorative container for her porch or patio or in mass for a dramatic pop of bold red color in her garden. $15-$40, available at

• Bushel and Berry HangingBlueberry Baskets
Give the gift of delicious summer fruit and choose one of the new low-maintenance blueberry plants from Bushel and Berry that are perfect in hanging baskets and containers. New this spring are two delicious varieties — Midnight Cascade and Sapphire Cascade — that offer rich antioxidant fruit all season long. Best suited for zones 5-9. $28-$50, available at,;

• Downsizing the watering can
Has Mom downsized recently? The Folding Watering Can and Collapsible Bucket from Centurion were created with storage and mobility in mind. Their heavy-duty, non-porous silicone material offers superior strength, while the foldable and detachable parts allow freedom to use these products in any space. The Folding Bucket is perfect for gardening, boating and camping, while the Watering Can doubles as a storage container. Price $20-$29, available at, and

• Give now, enjoy for months
Summer bulbs, such as lilies and dahlias, offer a chance to extend the Mother’s Day experience. A gift of bulbs in May promises beautiful blooms to enjoy with Mom in a few months. Make planting a summer bulb garden with Mom the new spring tradition, or pot up a few summer bulbs in a glazed pot for her to watch grow. Prices vary, available at your local garden center.