Lesbian singer LP is feeling good vibes on their new LP

RICH LOPEZ | Staff writer

Singer LP is celebrating their seventh record release with their current tour that stops in Dallas on Sunday, Nov. 19, at the South Side Ballroom. Love Lines marks the latest chapter in the lesbian singer’s catalog, and they are bringing some big time queer energy. But even with a new album after a healthy career of album and tours, LP (Laura Pergolizzi) still feels like she’s just getting a little better each time.

Before their stop in Dallas, LP talked about the new album and their approach to the record along with the gayest thing they’ve ever done because of this album.

Dallas Voice: Love Lines just released in September, and it’s got some upbeat vibes different from your last record Churches which came out just two years ago but a bit more moody. What happened in between? LP: I was pretty open about how I feel about relationships on Churches. I get too open but not feeling like I’m in bad places. I was feeling a little darker then. This one though felt very apropos, because I got back to my friendships. I’ve been on tour hardcore for years, and it separates you, but there’s this purity in friendship that this record got me back to.

The record almost feels a bit freer. Is that fair? I wanna be the best person ever. I was feeling the people on this record, and we all hit it off, and it helped me enjoy these friendships. This is definitely a real LP record, and it does feel very free. It’s like this is a different room in my LP house.

Relationships seem very important to you, particularly in music. Does songwriting and music help you process all that? I for sure own that. I think I’m super generous in relationships, but I’m not an angel either. I got fucked up shit like everybody, and I’m not looking to be exonerated for anything. I’m forever trying to right a wrong, but I do my best with all my friends and lovers.

You’ve been out and proud since the beginning, but it’s never felt like it was your thing, either. Any queer label didn’t seem to be part of how you were received. Did that happen by accident or deliberately? I feel like, if I was a straight woman, I’d be somewhere different. I think when “Lost on You” got one billion streams, nobody expected to see me on the other end of that. It was a shock for some, but you never know. I never used the gay thing to get me anywhere. It’s just my side of the story.

But you did do that “Dayglow” video which was pretty gay. I mean it was shot on location in Prague at the city’s annual Pride Festival. It was like coming out again! We were gonna do an epic video for “Long Goodbye,” but Vodafone wanted to put all this money toward “Dayglow.” As gay as I am, and I’m the gayest motherfucker ever, that was the gayest fucking shit I’ve ever seen. It was so cinematic and all these colorful explosion of gayness. What I get to do with my life is pretty special, that’s for sure.

Love Lines is streaming now on major music services. For tickets, visit SouthSideBallroomDallas.com.