Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall revamped the Dallas Police Department’s procedures in managing future peaceful demonstrations in the city.

“Tear gas will no longer be used to deter or control the movement of peaceful demonstrators,” DPD said in a press release. “Additionally, pepper ball or foam kinetic impact projectiles will no longer be deployed into crowds.”

Hall said that “in the event of criminal acts such as burglary, vandalism or violence against people and property including attacks on police officers, tear gas may be available with approval of the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee.”

In recent protests, especially in a protest on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge that resulted in hundreds of arrests, “attacks” were not on police officers. Police officers attacked demonstrators and media covering the demonstrations.

In the press release, Hall specified how her new orders affect SWAT. SWAT normally responds to individual incidents involving threats to life.

“SWAT must continue to have reasonable and necessary tools in its continuum of force options,” said Hall, “but there will now be limits on their appropriate use. They can be used to control violence but not peaceful demonstrations.”

Police are still reviewing videos of demonstrations. If you have a video that involves police interaction with demonstrators, observers or media covering the protests, please email to pio@dpd.dallascityhall.com by July 31.

— David Taffet