Dallas County Court at Law Judge Melissa Bellan has issued a temporary restraining order against Children’s Health allowing Dr. Ximena Lopez to treat new trans patients for two weeks.

Children’s Health stopped accepting new patients under political pressure rather than rely on medical evidence. The hospital claimed it was continuing hormone and hormone blocker treatment to continue for existing transgender patients. Hormone and hormone blocker treatment continues at Children’s for treatments of other disorders.

The hospital removed all reference to its Genecis gender treatment program off its website.

Earlier this year, Gov. Greg Abbott ordered Child Protective Services to investigate parents who took their trans children for medically necessary medical care.

Lopez has already sued the hospital twice for closing her innovative program that is housed at Children’s Health and run by UT Southwestern.

Attorneys argued in Bellan’s court that providing treatment to existing patients and denying treatment to new patients is discrimination. In her order, Bellan said the hospital interfered with Lopez’s using her best medical judgment, according to a report in the Dallas Morning News.

— David Taffet