Venting about George Santos, Madonna tickets and allergies

Hello beautiful people. Can I vent for a second please? Why the fuck is George Santos even a thing? How did he even get elected? I promise you, if he were a Democrat, all of this messy shit about him would have come out BEFORE the election!

Muthafucka has lied about his mother being killed on 9/11, about his grandparents having fled the Holocaust, about having been a volleyball star … . He stole a roommates scarf, then wore the scarf on TV. He scammed a homeless man out of money through a GoFundMe he set up for the homeless man’s cancer-stricken dog by keeping the money himself. He said he lost four employees in the Pulse shooting; he did not. And he swore that he has never done drag, but now admitted he did.

And those are just the things I can think of right now!

George Santos is literal human garbage. It gets my blood pressure up thinking of all of the ways I want to slap the shit out of him. Flames on the Side of My Face! Human garbage I tellz ya!

God, how I wish that wasn’t him in those drag photos, but I am technically an expert, and that is that fugly bitch. He’s got more aliases than a drag queen with tax problems. He is a shining example of what is wrong with our government. How has he not been removed from office and banned from all public service?

People like him make me wish the apocalypse would come much sooner. Maybe the next race of beings on Earth can do better, because we are fucked.

I hate all things George Santos more than I hate Mr. Jim’s Pizza calling pizza “STICKY FINGERS,” and you know how much I hate that shit.

My next rant is about Madonna. I love her, but I have been mad at her since October of 2012. I know everyone is so excited about her upcoming concert. I would love to go myself, but these ticket prices are redick!

Back in 2012, when she came to Dallas for the MDNA tour, we spent a lot of money and got really great seats. We were so excited. Then, on the day of her concert, she cancelled because of throat issues or something like that. I was heartbroken but understood that shit happens. What I did not like is that the second show, which she added because the first show sold out so fast, went on with no issues.

Madonna and I have not talked since that day. I took it way too personally. In fact, I’m still mad thinking about it.

Between scalpers, Ticketmaster and other ticket agencies — well, I have no interest in fucking with any of it. I’d love to see Madonna again, but I don’t wanna go broke getting a good-to-mediocre seat, and I am sure as hell not doing the nosebleed section ever again. Love you Madge, but I’m gonna havta pass.

I stand firm in my decision, but I know I am gonna have the worst FOMO when I see all my gays posting pictures and saying how great it was.

I will always have my memories of being at the Blonde Ambition Tour. It was the most amazing concert ever, even though she called us Houston and got booed a little bit for it. But that night was such a fabulous beginning to my gay experience.

That was my first major event as an out and proud young gay boy. I wore denim cut-off shorts and Doc Martin boots. I bought a Madonna shirt that was too small and threw away the shirt I wore to the concert. I don’t think I could have looked any gayer unless I had a dick in my mouth (which I did later in the parking lot).

Oh, to be young, dumb and skinny again!

My final big complaint is about my fucking allergies. I don’t know what has been in the air the past month or so, but I am convinced I am dying.

I have taken about six COVID tests in the past three weeks, and they all say negative. I have had the worst headaches I’ve ever had — like, I can seriously feel pain inside my skull and on my forehead above each eye, more so on the right eye. I lost my sense of smell and taste three weeks ago and still cannot taste or smell a fucking thing. That has been the absolute worst part of it. I am a great cook and can’t taste anything that isn’t overly salty or really spicy hot. I had a little bit of a cough a few weeks ago and a slight sore throat, but mostly I have felt fine.

Except for the headaches — the stupid fucking headaches.

Of course, I have convinced myself I have a brain tumor or cancer or whatever else I read about online. I know I am being ridiculous. My “doctor” says it’s just allergies. So I take Benadryl, Xyzal, Alka Seltzer Sinus Congestion …. I’ve even sacrificed a few chickens just for good measure, and still I can’t taste anything. If my senses do not come back soon, I am going to full on do a human sacrifice and Kali Ma someone’s heart, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-style.

Okay Cassie, that is enough!

Thank you all for letting me vent. I need to go throw axes or punch a workout-boxing thingamajig. I might have a little bit of pent-up rage — but who doesn’t these days?!

Remember to always love more, bitch less…that’s a little hypocritical this week LOL…and be fabulous! XOXO, Cassie Nova