Mayor Annise Parker

Victory Fund President and CEO Annise Parker announced she will be leaving the organization at the end of 2024 after the presidential election.

In an email announcement, Parker said she has been involved with the LGBTQ Victory Fund since its inception — first as a donor, then as an endorsed candidate nine times including her three successful runs for Houston mayor and finally as its chief executive officer.

During her tenure, the budget and staff nearly doubled and candidate services have quadrupled. The percent of endorsed candidates who have been elected to office has remained high. During her six years heading Victory Fund, the organization endorsed an LGBTQ candidate for president — Pete Buttigieg — and the LGBTQ caucuses in Congress and state legislatures have grown.

“My unwavering faith in the power of LGBTQ+ representation to change hearts and minds and transform politics continues unabated — as does my appreciation for the staff and board members,” Parker wrote. “I am immensely proud of Victory Institute’s growth and accomplishments during my tenure and look forward to the organization’s continued success.”

— David Taffet