The Loop Dallas announced the new murals going up at the Hi Line Connector. (Photos by Exploredinary)

You might have seen or driven by a colorful addition over in the Design District/Victory Park area. The project is the new Hi Line Connector under I-35E, which connects the Design District to the The Katy Trail by way of Victory Park. The Loop Dallas  announced the installation of two 180-foot long murals by six of Dallas’ best-known muralists: Mariell Guzman, Mari Pohlman, Alec DeJesus, Sam Lao, Hatziel Flores and queer artist Will Heron of Meow Wolf.

“Our vision was to create an active transportation system connecting Dallas to Dallas. The Loop Dallas is doing that by connecting our fragmented trail system and activating these public spaces by creating beautiful architecture, urban design and public art,” Jeff Ellerman, The Loop Dallas Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board said in a press release. “The Hi Line Connector is a one-mile urban trail that expands the iconic placemaking of the Katy Trail through Victory Park and the Design District and on to the Trinity Strand Trail. It creates a walkable, bikeable urban corridor with access to green space and the mixed-use development along the trail with a safe, direct route under I-35E, near the American Airlines Center.”

But first, if you’re out of the loop on The Loop Dallas, here’s what you need to know.

The Loop Dallas is a nonprofit urban trail project that aims to connect Dallas with a city-wide bike and pedestrian-active transportation system that joins 39 miles of existing trails in Dallas with 11 miles of newly built trails serving as a lifeline between communities.

The Hi-Line Connector is a one-mile urban trail that expands the Katy Trail through Victory Park and the Design District to the Trinity Strand Trail accessible to the mixed-use development surrounding those areas. The murals will add colorful impact to the area.

“When The Loop Dallas team first approached me about working on this exciting project, I immediately saw the potential for a dynamic collaboration among local artists,” Guzman said in the release. “I saw this mural as an opportunity to establish a lasting landmark for Dallas, a visual celebration of our city’s cultural depth brought to life by the diverse interpretations of multiple artists whose creative expressions are fueled by the vibrant essence of Dallas.”

Guzman was instrumental in bringing together the group of artists for this project.

“Together, we have played a significant role in shaping Dallas’s artistic community and it is a privilege to join forces and create something special for our city,” she mentioned.

See progress photos below.

—Rich Lopez