Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor
Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor

Westboro Baptist Church will be in North Texas for a few days beginning Friday, July 9, according to their picketing schedule. Among their stops that day will be Congregation Beth El Binah, a Reform synagogue that meets at the John Thomas Gay and Lesbian Community Center.
Other stops listed are the Dallas Holocaust Museum on Record Street in the West End; the Jewish Community Center off Royal Lane and Central Expressway; the Texas Jewish Post, which is the local Jewish newspaper whose office is in a building on Beltline Road; and Yahneh Academy, a co-ed modern Orthodox high school in North Dallas.
“Oh, we’ll prepare something special for that evening,” said Beth El Binah Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor.

Leynor invited the community to join the service that begins at 7:30 p.m.
“False prophets. judging others, there’s so much you can do with this,” he said, very excited about the visit.
Dallas police have already been notified about the Phelps clan’s visit.
The group will apparently spend the weekend in Dallas. No protests are listed yet for Saturday, but they will begin protesting on Sunday at Chabad of Dallas, an Orthodox synagogue; Fielder Road Baptist Church in Arlington; Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadelupe in downtown Dallas; and Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Arlington, in that order.
No word how they are going to get back and forth between Arlington and Dallas twice that morning with 15 minutes between appearances. They have a habit of not showing up at many of their planned appearances.дать контекстную рекламустатистика популярных запросов