Frisco (via VisitFrisco)

A transgender Brownsville student filed a complaint via email against Frisco ISD trustee Marvin Lowe after a panel discussion at a state education conference, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News. Because the student was 16 at the time, they are unnamed in the story.

After the panel, Lowe approached the student and began a rant about genitals that included, “Men like to walk around naked with their junk hanging around,” according to the student’s email. He repeated that and said his own children do that. He talked about men getting aroused.

The student’s mother intervened and told Lowe he needed to stop the very inappropriate discussion. When that didn’t stop him, one of the organizers intervened and finally got him to leave. One witness described Lowe as getting irate.

Lowe won his seat on the Frisco ISD board with the endorsement of 1774 Project PAC, whose description on Twitter says, “We are a PAC that helped elect over 100 un-woke school board members last year and we’re only just getting started.”

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— David Taffet