Miles Morales is a typical biracial teen from Brooklyn: He drinks Koka-Kola and his dad works for the PDNY and he admires Spider-Man… until the Webslinger is killed by Kingpin. And if any of those phrases sound a bit off, that’s because Miles exists in a parallel universe to the Peter Parker we’re all familiar with. In his world, Parker is murdered just as Miles is himself bitten by a special arachnid who imbues him with remarkable powers: spidey-sense, wall-crawling capabilities, even invisibility and electromagnetism.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the animated continuation of the Spider-Myth, an alternative reality that allows for infinite possibilities. And many of them manifest into this very entertaining, family-friendly adventure. A rift in space-time allows a half-dozen superheroes from the mutliverse — each drawn in a different style (among them anime, Warner Bros. and a Watchmen-esque retro) — to assist Miles in defeating villains common to all Spider-Men.

Colorful and funny, with some engaging vocal performances (including Shameik Moore, Lily Tomlin, Nicolas Cage and even John Mulaney), this non-MCU Marvel story goes right where Venom went wrong: It respects its characters and its audience.  

— Arnold Wayne Jones