The Tin Room on Hudnall at Maple in Dallas (via Google maps)

Lonzie Hershner, owner of Marty’s, the Tin Room and Zippers, is opening The Tin Room in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood.

Hershner plans to serve food at his new bar on an almost 900 square foot outdoor patio. The menu he described in a piece in San Diego Gay and Lesbian News is similar to food he served at Chesterfield’s, his restaurant that was on Inwood Road near Maple Avenue in Dallas.

He plans to have the bar open by December.

This isn’t the first time Dallas bars have opened elsewhere and previous exports of Dallas’ gay scene have been successful.

Caven opened JR.’s in Houston and Washington, D.C. and a Throckmorton Mining Company clone opened in Houston as Montrose Mining Company. Those bars are separately owned now.

Dewayne’s Oasis, a bar that was on Lemmon Avenue at Hudnall in the late 1990s and early 2000s, opened a branch in Puerta Vallarta.

David Taffet