The United States, its allies and partners this week imposed “severe and immediate economic costs” on Russia in response to Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. These actions, according to a fact sheet issued by the White House, “include sweeping financial sanctions and stringent export controls that will have a profound impact on Russia’s economy, financial; system and access to cutting-edge technology.”

The cyber hacker group Anonymous this week declared a cyber war on Putin and his administration and has already disabled several Russian government websites and, possibly, some Russian TV channels.

Even PornHub has joined the fight, blocking access to its content for all Russian users. Those in Russia attempting to log in to PornHub are being greeted instead with an image of the Ukrainian flag and a message of support for Ukraine.

Now the bars in the gayborhood are showing their support for Ukraine through their own form of economic sanctions: removing Russian liquors from their shelves.

Caven CEO Mike Nguyen posted on Facebook that all Caven bars — S4, TMC, JR.’s, Rose Room and Sue Ellen’s — “will be pulling all Russian-affiliated vodkas from our shelves in solidarity with Ukraine. … We ask that you stand united with Ukraine through the simple act of not ordering a Russian-affiliated cocktail until this humanitarian crisis is over. If we, by chance, missed a bottle on the shelf, please let our bartenders know, and we will get it removed.”

Over at Alexandre’s, owner Lee Daugherty posted on Facebook, the bar “also issues sanctions on Russia. Removing all Russian spirits and introducing the Fuck Putin shot, we’ll be bringing in Ukrainian vodka next week to replace” the Russian brands.

Daugherty also posted a reminder that “Stoli is Latvian (a member of NATO). The SPI Group who owns the brand has long opposed the Russian government. So keep your Stoli!” And he noted that Kruto vodka is “based here locally and features Ukrainian wheat and water and is 100% Ukranian. If you are doing shopping this weekend check them out (we recommend grabbing their blue bottle).”

Stand with Ukraine.

— Tammye Nash